Don't Spend Your Free Time Landscaping

Don't Spend Your Free Time Landscaping

Get help from a residential landscaping company in Holland, PA

Enjoying a beautiful yard doesn't have to mean working hard every weekend to keep it in good shape. By hiring a residential landscaping service, you can keep your yard lush and green without lifting a finger. Deeter Landscape is a dedicated landscaping company in Holland, PA that can give your yard the proper care.

Hire us to...

  • Design a new landscape and install fresh plants
  • Keep shrubs at the proper size with regular pruning
  • Prevent grass from growing out of control with lawn mowing
  • Lay down new mulch, remove weeds and fertilize your grass

Keep your landscape looking its best by teaming up with a skilled residential landscaping company.

Do you just want help installing new plants to fill out your barren yard? Maybe you need weekly lawn mowing services to keep your grass under control. No matter how often you need landscaping services, our team can help. We can come once a week or once a season to take care of your landscaping needs.

Set up landscaping services by calling us at 215-510-5277.